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VINACROPS company launched in 2009, was established with an aim to meet the demand for advanced fertilizer complex in Vietnam and exported to foreign countries as the official distributor of the COMPANY VINACHEM Company Limited - under the Vietnam Chemical Corporation. Dinh Vu DAP-DAP is the product of VINACHEM, head unit in the field of fertilizer production scale 6 factories, the total area of ​​over 72,000 m2. DAP VINACHEM is the first factory in Vietnam and only successful production Diammonium Phosphate Fertilizer Complex with quality standards TCVN 8856:2012, with N content: 16%, P205: 45%, moisture ≤ 2.5%, packed in two (02) class (outside of PE PP), net weight 50kg/bao.
Price lists 
Phân bónGiáĐVT
Mỳ Omachi Xốt "Bò Hầm Ngũ Quả" 6000Gói
Mỳ Omachi "Tôm Chua Cay" 6000Gói
Mỳ Omachi "Sườn Hầm Ngũ Quả" 6000Gói
Mỳ Omachi Xốt Spaghetti Vị Bò 6500Gói
Mỳ Chinsu Xốt Cá Hồi Chua Cay3500Gói
Mỳ Sagami "Hải Sản Nấu Canh Chua"3000Gói
Mỳ Sagami "Bò Hầm Ngũ Vị"3000Gói
Mỳ Kokomi Tôm Chua Cay 2500Gói
Mỳ Kokomi Tôm & Gà Sa Tế Hành 2500Gói
Mỳ Kokomi Happi- Lẩu Tôm Chua Cay 3500Gói
Mỳ Kokomi Happi - Gà Sa Tế 3500Gói